Welcome World! A New WhiteSponge!

Hello there! Welcome to the newly designed and revamped WhiteSponge! My name is David and today I will be sharing about our new shiny website and more importantly – our new direction moving forward!

Previously, we were only focusing on designing and crafting games that you would enjoy. We were all about creating that gameplay experience that would make people go “Ohhhh I can definitely feel the developer’s heart in this!”.

Stellar Stars was such a game. We spent almost 2 years crafting it. And we wanted it to reach as many gamers as possible. While that certainly didn’t go as planned in the end, it played a crucial part in our decision towards our new direction. We knew it wasn’t going to be an easy journey, venturing the path of creators. This challenge is part of the fun as well. However, after releasing Stellar Stars and getting more exposure, we realized that we were only looking at a really small picture.

The world isn’t just about games. There are many areas and industries that technology can make a huge difference. As crazy as it sounds, we want to change the world by using technology to empower and evolve it. It will not be just about games. We want to help bring you and/or your business up to the next level with our expertise. It could be just a simple redesigning of your website. It could also just be crafting a mobile app to help increase your customers’ loyalty and engagement. The possibilities are endless.

With this new direction in mind, we thought it be best to have a new web presence that embodies that. And our website is indeed in need of a makeover. Because why not?

In addition to the rather modern design, we also decided that at the center of this make-over, a new logo for WhiteSponge is necessary. It will serve as the icon of our new direction moving forward. While the previous logo wasn’t really bad, it just didn’t have that slick and modern look we were aiming for.

We have always preferred simple, minimalist and modern designs. So after multiple revisions, we came up with this instead.

This new design retains the main colors of the previous logo. Additionally, at the center of the logo is our new “W” that represents WhiteSponge. And to share a little fun fact, this new “W” is made up of 8 white squares. The number 8 actually represents good fortune and luck in the chinese culture!

We do not have any doubt that this will be an exciting new journey for us. And we would like to invite you to join us on this journey! So remember to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter as well!

We will be sharing about our new projects in our next few blog posts so look forward to them!

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